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Miss Universe 1999 1st Runner-up

The 1999 Bb. Pilipinas Pageant

1999 Bb. Pilipinas Winners
From L to R: Joelle Marie Pelaez {2nd runner-up}, Lalaine Edson {Bb. Pilipinas-International}, Janelle Bautista {Bb. Pilipinas-Universe}, Miriam Quiambao {Bb. Pilipinas-World}, & Michelle Arcangel {1st runner-up}.

THE HOSTS: Paolo Bediones and Ruffa Gutierrez

Candidate No. 9 - Janelle Bautista
Candidate No.23 - January Mae Morales
Candidate No.15 - Lalaine Edson
Candidate No. 2 - Joelle Marie Pelaez
Candidate No.28 - Michelle Arcangel
Candidate No.27 - Joanna Rafbel Serrano
Candidate No. 5 - Miriam Quiambao
Candidate No.22 - Angela Cheryl Penson
Candidate No.18 - Johanna Ruiz
Candidate No.25 - Georgina Anne Sandico

Carlos A. Arellano, chairman & president, Social Security System
J.V. Ejercito, Jaycees' national president
Martin L. Fernandez, general marketing manager, Nokia
Dieter J. Lonishen, president & managing director, Bayer Philippines
Marixi Prieto, chairman of the board, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Paula Asi Taulava, professional basketball player
Michelle Van Eimeren-Alcasid, 1994 Miss Australia
Alice Lee, national director, Malaysia/Singapore Pageant Production
Jaime Dichaves, vice president for Luzon Basketball Association of the Philippines

Miss AGFA Photogenic - Miriam Quiambao
Miss Friendship - Chadrose de Guzman
Miss Talent - Jamine Esperat
Best In Swimsuit - Michelle Arcangel
Best In Evening Gown - Jamine Esperat
Miss Lux Super Rich - Lalaine Edson
Miss Creamsilk Super Beautiful Hair- Miriam Quiambao
Miss Pond's Beautiful Skin - Joanna Rafbel Serrano
Miss Close-Up Smile - Janelle Bautista
Miss Internet - Lalaine Edson
Binibining Avon - Michelle Arcangel
Miss PAL Sunniest Personality - Miriam Quiambao
Miss Slimmer's World - Janelle Bautista
Miss Red Bull Supreme Energy - Chadrose de Guzman

Photos courtesy of BPCI.

Janelle Bautista was "dethroned" due to a passport controversy. She was later replaced by Bb. Pilipinas-World, Miriam Quiambao as the new Bb. Pilipinas-Universe. Lalaine Edson who was Bb. Pilipinas-International replaces Miriam as Bb. Pilipinas-World. Georgina Anne Sandico, who was among the semi-finalists was appointed by the BPCI organizers and named  as the new Bb. Pilipinas-International.

"Reach out for your dreams & work for the common good.
Be yourself and come out the best.
Live your life as a living witness of God
thru works and example, as a true Thomasian should.
All the best!"

--- Miriam in a special message to the Thomasian Community as relayed through the Varsitarian.

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